K-12 Piano Lessons

Aren’t piano lessons “boring”?!  Over the years, piano lessons have had this reputation…

At HMS, we have structured our piano lessons so that it feels like a “game.”

Wouldn’t you love to see your child learning music while having a BLAST?

The Problem

Kids these days have a lot going on – with the demands of school, sports, homework, chores, etc. the last thing they want is another thing on their “to do” list.  Piano lessons often get marked as “another thing to do” or “more homework.”

Many adults look back to their childhood and remember piano lessons that were this way.  They often say they quit because of the tedious practicing or it was too difficult.  At the same time, all of these adults consistently say they wish they didn’t quit piano lessons.

What if piano lessons weren’t tedious?  What if practicing wasn’t just “more homework?”

At Highland Music Studio, we have solved this problem…


The Solution

Our goal is to have lessons that are captivating, engaging and creative.

Our students:

  • Begin learning the foundations of music (steady beat, rhythm, note reading) from day 1 so they are prepared to learn any musical genre.
  • Write their own songs (even little ones), allowing them to be creative and have a deeper understanding of music.
  • Use musical games while learning new musical concepts.
  • Are regularly celebrated for their progress and commitment to piano in the lesson and outside the lesson.  
  • Reap the benefits that music lessons provide as proven by science (raises IQ, increases focus and attention, promotes a sense of balance and relaxation, increases self-esteem – to name a few!)
  • Are prepared in their lesson to be able to practice comfortably at home.

“My son is really enjoying his piano lessons.  He practices all the time and without being asked.  It’s a mom’s dream.”

Logan R.

HMS Parent

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