Sing, play, learn, laugh, bond, and grow with your little one.  

These years go by quickly and you don’t want to miss a moment.  You want to savor all the time you have with your baby or toddler, while also giving them the love of a lifetime – the love of music.  You will find all of this and more with the MusikGarten classes at HMS.

You will love how each MusikGarten class will engage your little one’s mind, body, and heart.  Together we will foster a love for music, inspire curiosity and creativity, and develop a core foundation of musical understanding.

You and your child will learn and grow closer together through each class and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Why Should a Baby or Toddler Go to a Music Class?

A child’s brain isn’t fully formed at birth, but it continues to develop during the first years of life and is highly influenced by experiences in formative years.  This concept is true for music too.  With an enriched music environment during early childhood, they will be able to understand and enjoy music for the rest of their lives!

Think about how children learn their language.  To learn a language fluently, the best thing to do is be immersed in that language all day long.  Just like the language we speak, music is it’s own language too.  The best way to learn music is to be immersed in it – to hear different instruments, genres, rhythms, and styles at a young age.

HMS offers 2 types of MusikGarten classes.  Click on a class to learn more.

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