Adult Music Lessons

Do you ever wish you learned to play music growing up?  Many adults feel this way.  In fact, an astonishing 82% of Americans claim they wish they learned to play a musical instrument.  Are you one of them?

The good news is… it’s never too late to learn!

We’ve got a program that fits perfectly just for you.

At Highland Music Studio, our adult students:

  • Begin learning the foundations of music (steady beat, rhythm, note reading) from day 1 so they are prepared to learn any musical genre they desire.
  • Reap the benefits that music lessons provide as proven by science (lowers stress, raises IQ, provides a creative outlet, delays the effects of aging – to name a few!)
  • Learn music in a comfortable environment, geared towards their specific musical interests and goals.
  • Are guided so that they are able to productively practice their music at home.

“It was a little daunting to take on an instrument in my late thirties, especially not knowing how to read music, but my lessons have been fantastic.  I’m learning how to play pieces that I truly enjoy, but these also include an element of challenge so that I keep progressing steadily. I’ve really enjoyed my lessons and I plan to continue learning for quite a while!”

Shereen B.

HMS Adult Piano Student

Are you ready for your introductory lesson?