Meet Amanda Lynne Simmons

Voice & Piano Teacher

Amanda Lynne Simmons
Amanda Lynne Simmons moved to Atlanta a number of years ago from New York City after training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she studied the arts in every capacity. Her biggest love in this field is working with the younger generation and helping them find their voices through music and the arts. Amanda Lynne has been teaching in different capacities for many years, and she strives to provide a safe, welcoming, joyful, and intentional environment for her students. She believes that music and the arts have the power to bring bring healing and community to our lives when we need it most, even if we didn’t know we need it- which is what has had the biggest impact on her life.

Amanda Lynne has been singing her whole life, and in her free time, she gigs around Midtown Atlanta (mostly singing her favorite Judy Garland songs). A few fun facts about Amanda Lynne are that she is a songwriter, she does composition and scoring for films done by filmmakers across the East Coast, and she auditioned for the role of Christine in Phantom of The Opera on Broadway. When she’s not involved in music and the arts, she’s most definitely in the Starbucks parking lot sharing pup cups with her dog, Philo! Amanda Lynne hopes to continue spreading love, empathy, kindness, and authentic storytelling in this world through the art of music, and she’s excited to continue doing so along her rockin’ students!