Meet Francisco Nava

Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar & Violin Teacher

Francisco Nava

Francisco started out young as a self-taught musician in a rich Hispanic and Christian community. His passion led him to attend various local workshops and come in contact with various mentors in the metro Atlanta area. Through his connections, he was able to land various opportunities to perform in weddings, banquets and other formal events.

Later he attended a private Christian University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Point University. In his time there, Francisco was the music director for his local church, taught the children that attended, and participated in WGI, an international indoor marching band competition, where his group placed 3rd two years in a row.

Francisco still gives back to his community through teaching in local workshops, mentoring other musicians and performing in annual charity events in Atlanta. Francisco is a committed music teacher and strongly believes that music should be a shared passion.