Meet Matt Bramlett

Voice, Piano & Guitar Teacher
Matt Bramlett
Matt Bramlett has been making music for as long as he has existed. Born in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, his journey began with a shoebox drum set, a toy piano, and a karaoke machine- and the rest is history. He has always felt a strong connection to all forms of artistic self-expression, and strives to provide an eclectic approach that students connect with and is tailored to their strengths and interests. With strong roots in the various subgenres of rock music, he truly enjoys all types of music, from folk and bluegrass, to rock and rap.

Matt finished his Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance from Piedmont University in 2021, and his Master of Arts in Teaching, Music Education in 2023. Matt has been a staff singer in multiple church choirs and sang alongside Piedmont’s Pro Musica choir. He has also conducted Piedmont’s premier vocal ensemble, the Piedmont University Singers, as well as its community orchestra, the Conservatory Strings, and has performed in multiple musicals and stage plays. During his undergraduate studies, he took a short break during which he traveled the U.S. as a one-man road crew for a one-man band, trained in sound engineering, and performed with the Gwinnett Symphony Chorus and Orchestra. During his graduate program, he coached vocal students and provided tutoring in music theory and aural skills.

Drawing on his diverse range of experience in the arts, and infusing a sense of humor, Matt believes that creating music should be, first and foremost, fun. He believes that music can touch a part of our souls that seldom sees the light of day, and is dedicated to unearthing that spark in every musician to support them on their musical journey. In addition to music, Matt enjoys knitting, roller skating, and learning about history.