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Meet Siu-Lin Sampson

Violin, Piano, & Voice Teacher

Siu Lin Photo

Siu-Lin Sampson is a passionate musician from Long Island, New York, who has moved to Atlanta to attend Emory University as a Music major. She’s been playing violin and piano since she was 3 years old and picked up some vocal lessons along the way. Since she started playing music, she’s done multiple performance tests, music camps, musicals, and performances including performing in Carnegie Hall as a violinist with the Children’s Orchestra Society with Dr.Ma (sister of Yo-Yo Ma) and singing in the Sydney Opera House with the Honors Performance Series this past summer. She is currently part of Emory University’s Concert Choir and Gospel Choir: Voices of Inner Strength (feel free to come see them perform)!

In her free time, Siu-Lin is most likely enjoying an art exhibit or a cat cafe! She has a great passion for arts of all kinds, not just music, and is a huge animal lover. She loves to fool around musically with friends, often playing Jazz on the piano and singing silly tunes. She has a vast musical taste and enjoys going to almost any and all performances for any genre of music throughout Atlanta and New York. Recently, she saw the South Shore Symphony perform the entirety of Mahler 2 on Long Island and saw Kes the Band at the Tabernacle in Downtown Atlanta! Siu-Lin hopes to put forth the same compassion and warmth that music has given her throughout her life to her students and those around her.

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