MusikGarten FAQ

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Will MusikGarten help make my child smarter?

Yes! Beginning music at an early age has been proven to have the greatest impact.  Research suggests that exposure to music at an early age enhances your child’s ability to enjoy music and create it.  It also increases brain plasticity.  Brain plasticity enhances many aspects of brain activity. Not only this, music has been found to increase IQ, confidence, and social skills, to name a few!

Can a baby really learn in MusikGarten?

Over time there is more and more research that suggests the younger a child is, the more she is learning.  Learning music is just like learning a language. Just like speaking to your baby early on is critical to language development, exposing your child to music from birth benefits music development.  As you know, your baby cannot show you how much she is learning right now.  Allow your baby to listen to you sing, feel the steady beat, and observe the class.  Babies absorb everything around them.  Absorbing the music is the first step.  Once the baby becomes a toddler, you will see the benefits.  Patience is key and well worth the wait.

My child doesn't participate the way others do in class.

No worries! Some children walk around, sit in laps, and study every corner of the room.  We know that there are many learning styles and we encourage families to let the children be comfortable.  Every class has many types of children, but they are all watching and learning from us in different ways.  Also, we have found that the more your child listens to the music at home, the more they are able to focus in class.  Don’t forget to listen to your songs every day!

Can I join a class at any time?

Yes, we’d be delighted to have you! MusikGarten is structured so that you can join at any time of the year.

How do I enroll in MusikGarten?

Enroll online HERE and we will email you the invoice & welcome packet after we receive your sign up form.

How long is enrollment?

Enrollment is by the month; however, we recommend keeping the child enrolled over a long period of time.  Children develop musically in the same way they develop language.  Like learning a language, music development increases more and more as time passes.

What is tuition for MusikGarten?

MusikGarten is $22.25 per class and families enroll by the month.  Typically, each month is $89 (4 classes).

The parent songbook and digital downloads are free with your MusikGarten enrollment.

What if I miss a class?

Families have unlimited make-up classes.  Just call or email us to schedule.

What age can my child begin piano lessons?

Beginning at age 3.5, we have a specialized piano lesson program for young learners called WunderKeys.  Learn more HERE.

Are you ready to create musical memories with your little one?