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We hear so often that the best time to learn an instrument is when you’re a child and that it’s “too late” to begin learning as an adult.  There are so many benefits that children gain when participating in music lessons, but what are the benefits for adult learners? Is it too late?

At HMS, we’re happy to tell you that it is NOT too late!

Why should adults take music lessons?!

Music reduces stress levels.  Group of multiethnic men and womenAll of us face the regular stresses of life: a busy schedule, juggling your family’s schedule, and much more.  Music helps us to slow down and focus on something.  This can take our minds away from our regular lives.  Even just sitting down to practice for 10-20 minutes can set a totally different tone to your day.  Adults actively engaged in music have been proven to show improvements in anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

Music delays the effects of aging.  Playing a musical instrument does so much for the brain.  Our brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle, it will decay if not being used.  Since playing a musical instrument activates multiple parts of the brain at once, it will keep you sharp.

Music provides a sense of community. With all the advances in technology these days, it can sometimes be difficult to meet and connect with other people in real life.  Adult music lessons can help connect people with similar interests and passions.  At Highland Music Studio, we offer private and group adult music lessons.  We also have adult recitals and socials.  We love to connect and share our musical journeys together.



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