Summer Recital at Red Light Cafe

We’re excited to announce that our upcoming Summer Recital will be at Red Light Cafe on Sunday, July 21st at 2:00pm.  Tickets are $7 at the door.

At Highland Music Studio, we’re excited to share that we will be holding MORE recitals this year at various venues around town.  This will give our students an opportunity to feel like real, true musicians playing their own gigs.

We hope to see you at our very first ever “off-site” recital!

Click here to attend this event via Facebook.


Welcome Our New Staff Members!

Highland Music Studio has been experiencing a lot of growth these days and with it, we are excited to welcome several new staff members!

Please welcome Ben Fraser, Lily Nguyen & Samantha Puckett.

Learn more about them…

Ben Fraser (piano, guitar, ukulele & violin teacher):
Ben Fraser is a professional musician and private music instructor in the Atlanta area. He plays and teaches piano, guitar, violin, and ukulele. After being classically trained on the piano, guitar, and violin throughout his youth, he chose to study Guitar Performance at the Georgia State University School of Music.

He currently performs in several ensembles, spanning multiple different genres, including classical, jazz, rock, pop, folk. Florence Kopleff Recital Hall, Rialto Center for the Arts, and Fulton County Auditorium are a few of the venues in which he has performed. Some festivals he has played include the Peachtree Corners Festival, Friendship Music Festival, and the Night Market in Peachtree City.

Music education is a great passion of his. He teaches students of all ages and all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced players. Providing personalized lesson plans to a wide variety of students, he has crafted an effective methodology that improves upon technique and increases musical understanding.




Lily Nguyen (Office Assistant):
Growing up in Florida, Lily has always been involved in the arts. She loved exploring different ways to express her creativity, such as painting, playing the flute, singing in chorus, and acting in theatre. Lily believes that creativity is a lifelong practice that nourishes the soul and that creativity can create wonderful gifts for others.

Lily graduated from the University of Central Florida and she has professional experiences in events, hospitality, and digital marketing. Her passions lie in making an impact on others and creating memorable experiences.

In her free time, Lily loves to travel, act, and explore new foods. She also has an adorable calico cat named Eevee, like the Pokemon.




Samantha Puckett (piano & voice teacher):
Samantha Puckett is a mezzo-soprano originally from Katy, Texas. She attended West Texas A&M University for her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music. Samantha pursued her Artist Diploma at Georgia State University. She is currently an alto Staff Singer at the Cathedral of St. Philip. Samantha’s operatic roles include Magda Sorel (The Consul); Charlotte (Werther) and Rebecca Nurse (The Crucible). Miss Puckett continues her vocal study and often performs as a guest soloist in Atlanta and the surrounding area.






We are thrilled to have all these wonderful people on our team!

NEW at Highland Music Studio: Violin Lessons!

Highland Music Studio is proud to now offer violin lessons at our studio!

Why is violin a great choice for an instrument to learn?!

  1. You can play with others.  One of the many benefits of playing the violin is that it is an instrument that is often played in a group.  Kids may play in the orchestra or a chamber group.
  2. It increases brain activity. To play the violin, you must use both mental and physical abilities.  Violinists often stand up when they play and their feet are in position.  Many violinists walk around or move while they play.  This paired with the mental capabilities create a powerful experience.
  3. It’s portable.  Violins are a great size and easy to carry.  It can fit in any home or apartment.  It can travel with you, making it easy to practice anywhere!
  4. Auditory learning is strong when learning the violin.  Unlike the piano, to play the violin and in tune, many ear training skills are required.  A violinist must carefully listen for the pitch when he/she plays.  We can teach a child from an early age to hear pitches and adjust accordingly.

Violin comes with many benefits and is one of the instruments kids can begin learning at an early age!




Spring Recital Success!

We’re so proud of all the kids who performed in one of our 3 Spring Recitals this year.

Recitals are so special because not only do kids get to perform and show off their music, but they grow their confidence.  One parent said to us, “Wow, it is amazing how much they grow musically, but I have seen their confidence increase as the year’s pass, too.”  

With each recital, they grow into confident music-makers and kids.  These lessons and skills translate into so many other areas of life (school presentations, job interviews, and more!).

It’s beautiful to see all these kids grow! Congrats to them all!


Watch Our Spring Recitals LIVE!

What is coming up at Highland Music Studio?! One of the biggest events of the year!

On Sunday, May 5th, we will have 3 separate Spring Recitals at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm with different performers in each.  Tune in via our Facebook Page to watch our recitals LIVE.


We can’t wait to share how awesome our students are doing.  We are so proud of them already!

An App We Love: Flashnote Derby

Before iPads, we had to use flashcards in music lessons to help with note memorization.  Nowadays, we have so many awesome apps that help people memorize their notes in a fun way.  One of our favorite apps for note memorization is Flashnote Derby.
What is Flashnote Derby?!

Flashnote Derby is a fun way for kids to learn their notes on the staff.  Students select exactly which notes they want to work on and then they’re off to the races!  Each race is a timed test in which a student identifies the notes in order to push their horse closer to the finish line.  We love flashnote derby because it’s exciting & we can pinpoint exactly which notes the student will work on in the game.

Click here to learn more about Flashnote Derby.

Why Summer Music Camps are Valuable for Children

Of course, kids LOVE to have fun over the summer.  Summertime is when they want to relax, play outside, and perhaps enjoy a lemonade by the pool.  Kids love summer because they’re free! But how can we take these free months and make them powerful for our children?  With all that freedom, kids can really gain so much value out of the summer months. We want kids to have fun, but what if they could have fun AND gain skills that would last a lifetime?! Our Summer Music Camps are geared for kids to gain TONS of knowledge and skills that will carry with them forever… and for them to have a BLAST while doing it!

Here’s why Summer Music Camps are so Valuable for Children:

  • Kids can discover their interests in a short amount of time.

Not sure if your child is interested in music? By attending a Summer Music Camp, they can discover in a short amount of time if they want to keep doing music lessons afterwards.  Even if music doesn’t end up being their “thing,” we will be making the camps so much fun, they will be sure to smile at the end of the day every day.

  • It’s a place to make new friends.

One thing we love about Summer Music Camps is that kids become great friends by the end of camp!  Camps are a great place to meet new people who may go to different schools. When we learn and experience things together, it bonds us.  Music is powerful in that it brings people together. We love watching people become friends through our studio.

  • They can deep dive into new skills.

Summer is a special time because it’s truly the ONLY time kids can deeply focus on 1 thing at a time.  By attending a Summer Music Camp, kids can pick something and deep dive into it. From our Beginner Piano Camp to our Ukulele Camp… kids can learn tons of songs on a new instrument in only 1 WEEK!

  • Kids gain confidence from their success.

On the last day of camp, kids will showcase all their new skills to friends and family.  These experiences bring kids confidence that they can do SO MUCH, even in just 1 week. We love to see their smiles and high fives at the end of camp.

Click here to learn more about our Summer Music Camps.

An App We Love: “Blob Chorus”

Blob Chorus Ear Training is an all time favorite among our students in music lessons.  Why?! This fun and interactive app is a hilarious way to get some good ear training in.  This game is used in thousands of schools to improve pitch and a musical ear for notes.

In the game, there is a “King Blob” and a “chorus” of green blobs.  Students hear the green blobs first and then the King blob sings last.  Students must pick the green blob that sounds just like the King blob.  If students miss, the blob explodes (and often erupts the student into laughter).  There are many ways to increase the difficulty in this game.

This game is an easy one to do at home.  It is recommended for students of all ages in all types of music lessons.

Blob Chorus Ear Training is available in the iTunes App Store.

When You First Met…

You’re 7 years old. You have run past the piano at your grandparent’s house a million times. This time was different. Your grandmother sat next to you on the bench and taught you to play “Ode to Joy” by ear. To this day, when you hear “Ode to Joy”, it stirs your heart and your mind takes you back to her house, that bench and the feel of the cool keys under your fingers.

You’re 12. You’re running your hands across the album titles on the bookshelf in the den: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and James Taylor are a few names that catch your eye. Even in your pre-teen angst, you decide guitarists are cool and you fantasize about what instrument you would play if you were in a band.

You’re 18. Lady Gaga is all the rage. She sings, she plays piano and she’s a master at performance. Singer/songwriters like Alicia Keys, Ben Folds and others are writing and singing songs that parallel some of your life experiences. You belt out all their tunes at stoplights and in the shower. You smile as you sound pretty good…maybe. No time or resources to find out as the “real world” is calling. Someday, you think, someday.

You’re 25, 30, 35. You make your own money now. You may still remember how to play “Ode to Joy” on the piano; you just need to sit down at one again. You’ve also decided you want to be the guitarist AND the vocalist in the band.

At Highland Music, we honor the musical roots of your youth and welcome the opportunity to meet you where you are on your journey as an adult.

Our Favorite Articles on the Benefits of Music Lessons

It’s no question that learning music is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself or your child.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite articles that show us just how great music is for us… (thank you, science!) Click on the article to read more. 

  1. The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity
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  4. Early Music Lessons Have Longtime Benefits
  5. Your Aging Brain WIll Be in Better Shape If You’ve Taken Music Lessons

There is neverending research on the benefits of music lessons.  As a bonus, music lessons sure are fun, too!