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What Are Our Preschool Piano Lessons Like?

Welcome to Highland Music Studio’s WunderKeys Piano Lessons, where preschoolers embark on a delightful piano journey in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere. Our one-on-one WunderKeys program introduces young learners to lovable characters and imaginative adventures through story-based method books, making learning feel like pure fun.

WunderKeys stands out because…

  • Engaging & Dynamic: Keep your preschooler actively involved with our program’s five diverse activities. Boredom is never an issue!
  • Imaginative Adventures: Young learners explore piano through captivating stories featuring their “finger friends”: Thumbalina, Pointer Panda, Middleton Mouse, Ringo Raccoon, and Pinky Pig.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Develop rhythm, note recognition, keyboard skills, and more, while gaining a head start on patterns and early math concepts for kindergarten.
  • Personalized Attention: WunderKeys offers 30-minute private lessons, recognizing that preschoolers thrive when they receive focused guidance.
  • A Positive Prelude: Our program ignites a lifelong passion for music, ensuring your child’s musical journey endures for years to come.
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Why Choose Highland Music Studio?

  • Diverse Programs: From Music Together classes to Rock Band programs and our premier Accelerated and Adult Piano Programs, we offer a wide range of musical experiences tailored to your needs and preferences.
  • Comprehensive Starter Kit: New families receive an informative guide to nurture musical growth from day one, whether embarking on music lessons or Music Together classes.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Enjoy unlimited makeup lessons and hassle-free online scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle, ensuring consistent progress.
  • Performance Opportunities: Boost confidence and showcase your skills at multiple annual recitals or collaborative Rock Band programs, fostering stage presence and musical camaraderie.
  • Student Rewards: Celebrate achievements with fun reward systems, motivating and encouraging growth.
  • Musical Development Roadmap: Tailored teaching methods for each age group's unique learning needs, ensuring age-appropriate and engaging lessons.
  • Versatile Learning Options: Choose between in-person or online lessons, providing flexibility and convenience as per your preferences.
  • High-Quality Teachers: Our employed instructors ensure consistency, quality, professional development, and collaborative teaching, contributing to you or your child's best musical education across all our diverse programs.


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