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Text reads "An app we love, blob chorus"Blob Chorus Ear Training is an all time favorite among our students in music lessons.  Why?! This fun and interactive app is a hilarious way to get some good ear training in.  This game is used in thousands of schools to improve pitch and a musical ear for notes.

In the game, there is a “King Blob” and a “chorus” of green blobs.  Students hear the green blobs first and then the King blob sings last.  Students must pick the green blob that sounds just like the King blob.  If students miss, the blob explodes (and often erupts the student into laughter).  There are many ways to increase the difficulty in this game.

This game is an easy one to do at home.  It is recommended for students of all ages in all types of music lessons.

Blob Chorus Ear Training is available in the iTunes App Store.

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