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Mom and dad playing music instruments with an infant

Having a newborn is an exciting time for any family.  With a new little one in the home, it’s great to know that even they can become music-makers.

Did you know?  Babies hear and respond to sound even in the womb! At birth, most babies have a developed sense of hearing.  They are alert to musical sounds, especially the voice of their parent singing.  While babies begin to learn language immediately, they are also learning music this way too.  Music is its own language!

Babies are receptive to music too.  After they’re born they may giggle, coo, or squeal.  All of these actions prepare them for expressing themselves musically someday.  Babies are even able to tell the differences in loud/soft sounds, fast/slow music, and when a song ends.

The first six years of your child’s musical development are very important.  Now is the time to support this by putting them in a musical environment, like our Music Together program.  Music Together is an early-childhood curriculum created to support babies’ overall development, including early brain development and the parent-child relationship.  Take a free Music Together demo class to see what it’s all about!

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