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At Highland Music Studio, we believe that every musical journey is an adventure waiting to be explored. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our Music Mountain Reward Program – a unique and exciting way for students to climb to new heights as they progress on their musical path!

What is the Music Mountain? The Music Mountain is the second part of our reward system, where students have the opportunity to ascend to higher levels of achievement as they advance in their musical skills.

How Does It Work? Here’s the lowdown on how students can conquer the Music Mountain:

  • Starting Point: All students begin their journey at Level 1.
  • Climbing Levels: The Music Mountain is divided into different levels, from Base Camper to Summiter and beyond. To advance to the next level, students must earn four certificates.
  • Challenges: Every three months, students receive a unique challenge from their teacher based on what they’re learning in their lessons. They have two chances to conquer the challenge.
  • Earning Certificates: Upon completing a challenge, students earn a certificate and a button for their HMS tote bag. Certificates include Base Camper, Trailblazer, Mountain Climber, and Summiter.
  • Leveling Up: Once students collect four certificates, they advance to the next level and receive a trophy to commemorate their achievement.

Level Up Faster with Bonus Activities! Want to speed up your ascent on the Music Mountain? Participate in our “bonus” activities, and you’ll earn an extra certificate! These activities include:

  • Entering a piano/music competition
  • Performing in a school talent show with your instrument or singing
  • Starting a band and playing a show
  • Recording a song in our recording studio
  • Attending one of our Summer Camps (earning TWO certificates)

Be Recognized as Music Mountain Royalty! Students who complete “bonus” activities will be recognized as “royalty” of the Music Mountain at our next recital. Simply provide photo or video evidence of your participation to [email protected] to receive your bonus certificate(s).

How Far Will You Climb? With each challenge conquered and certificate earned, you’ll inch closer to the summit of the Music Mountain. How many levels can you conquer? We can’t wait to find out!

Join the Musical Adventure Today Ready to embark on your journey to the top of the Music Mountain? Enroll in music lessons at Highland Music Studio and start climbing today. Let’s reach new heights together – the sky’s the limit!

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