COVID-19 Updates

Updated COVID-19 Mask Guidelines

Beginning TODAY our mask policy is changing to the following…

  • We ask those of you who are unvaccinated to please continue wearing your mask.
  • All teachers are currently required to wear a mask.
  • Parents can choose if they wish for their child to wear a mask.
  • We will continue with handwashing and sanitation as always.
  • We ask if you are under the weather to please stay home.

We still are meeting students outside for lessons until August.  We will be opening the waiting room again in August.

Voice Lessons Available In-Person

Voice lessons (and ALL lessons) are available in-person now. Voice students may remove their mask during lessons while singing.

Video Tutorial for In-Person Music Lessons

We are reopening August 10th and will have both in-person and online music lessons.  Here is a video tutorial about our new studio operations with covid-19. 

Modified Studio Operations – Reopening on August 10th

Beginning on August 10th, students will have a choice between online or in-person lessons.  Please review the below operations if you choose to come in-person:

The following rules will be STRICTLY ENFORCED as the studio will now be open with many safety precautions in place because of Covid-19.

    1. All students are required to wear masks.  Our teachers & staff will be wearing masks as well.  Please contact us if your child has any issues with wearing a mask.  Students without masks will not be permitted inside the building.  
    2. All students will have their temperature checked when they enter the building.
    3. If you or your child are sick, PLEASE DON’T COME TO THE STUDIO.  All students can switch to online lessons at any time or have makeup lessons.
    4. Parents or any guests are not allowed inside the studio.  The waiting area is closed.  Please wait in your car while your child/children are in the studio. 
    5. Drop-off and pick-up schedules are strictly followed.  Please be available to pick up your child on time.  
    6. Students have to BRING THEIR OWN MATERIALS (excluding keyboards).  This includes headphones for group piano, guitar picks, music books, tuners, pencils, erasers and any other materials that they use in their lessons.
    7. Lesson assignments will be emailed & students will use a virtual reward program called ClassDojo. There will be no physical prizes given to students.
    8. Please use the bathroom or have your child use the bathroom before coming to the studio.  THE BATHROOM INSIDE THE STUDIO IS CLOSED. 
    9. We will be following these measures to make sure our studio remains clean and sanitized:
      • All our teachers & staff will wear masks & must pass temperature checks and health scans.
      • Sanitize pianos & keyboards after each student.
      • Hand-sanitizers will be used by everyone before and after lessons.
      • Plexiglass dividers will be used in EVERY lesson room & the office.
      • Group piano classes will have pianos spread significantly more than 6 feet apart & no more than 5 students.  Plexiglass dividers will be in group piano classes.
      • All door-handles will be cleaned frequently.
      • Professional cleaning services used regularly. 



Reopening Plans

We are planning to reopen our studio in August.
Online lessons & classes will continue in July.
Your Safety is Our #1 Priority
What can you expect in August?

For Music Lessons: Students will have a choice between online or in-person music lessons. Voice lessons will be remaining online until further notice.

For Music Together Classes: We will continue online classes and have outdoor classes (location and class times TBA).

– There will be a face mask requirement & your temperature may be taken.

– Team members must pass temperature checks & take health scans.

– There will be plexiglass barriers in the lesson rooms & office.

– We will wipe down the instruments & lesson rooms after every lesson.

– We will have the studio professionally cleaned regularly.

– We will use ClassDojo (a virtual reward system) instead of our bead reward program.

– We will not share materials (ie: bring your own headphones for group piano).

– Group piano classes will not have more than 5 students (as always). The pianos will be spread throughout our large room with significantly more than 6 ft of space between them.