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By: Ben Fraser

The guitar is most commonly a six-stringed instrument made primarily of wood. Its hollow body produces sound when its strings are strummed or plucked using either finger or a pick. While one hand plays the E, A, D, G, B, or high E string (or any combination of them), the other hand presses the strings against the fretboard to change the pitch of the strings. The guitar can be used to play single notes to create melodies, or it can be used to play chords to create harmonies.

There are three main types of guitars: Classical, Acoustic, and Electric.

Classical guitars are usually played while sitting down with the instrument positioned between the legs. They typically have nylon strings, wide necks, and thick bodies. Classical music is often performed on them.

Acoustic guitars are played sitting down with the guitar resting on one leg, but they are also played standing up. They typically have steel strings, narrow necks, and thick bodies. Folk music is often performed on them.

Electric guitars usually played standing up with a guitar strap around the neck and shoulder. They typically have steel strings, narrow necks, and solid, thin bodies. They produce sound by cabling into an amplifier. Rock music is often performed on them.

The top of the guitar is known as the headstock. This is where you will find the tuners and the nut. Below this is the neck and fretboard. The frets sit on top of the fretboard. Then, we have the body. The body contains the sound hole/pickups, the pickguard, volume/tone knobs, the saddle, the input, and the bridge. The strings are strung from the bridge to the tuners.

The guitar is an absolutely magnificent instrument and is incredibly entertaining to play.

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