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Every parent we’ve ever met would agree that they want their child to accomplish a certain level of proficiency at their instrument. They would also agree that their child should enjoy the journey.

We do our best here at the studio to teach with passion and enthusiasm… but what can you, the parent, do? Honestly, the best thing you can do is help set up a positive practice routine at home.  

Boy playing pianoThe most successful students build a habit of practicing their instrument from day 1.  For example, some of our most successful students have a steady routine of practicing right when they come home from school.  Help your child develop the habit of practice early on so that it becomes a normal part of their life (just like brushing their teeth… it’s no big deal!).

It is not about how long a student sits at their instrument, but about how productive the practice is.  For example, it may take a 5-year-old way less time to learn a simple song than a 15-year-old learning a Beethoven sonata.  How long does it take to learn a song? That amount of time is how long a student should practice.

Encourage your child with games or rewards for their practice so that they develop a positive outlook on learning music.  Avoid making it feel like a “chore” or “homework.”  Keep it positive!

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