K-12 Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons that Kids LOVE!

Piano Lessons are famously known for being boring and tedious… it is something that kids ultimately quit.  Piano Lessons have been structured and taught the same exact way since it’s invention.  It is no wonder that our modern-day kids are not interested in this anymore.  Who would want piano lessons from the 1700s?!

At Highland Music Studio, we’ve changed the way piano lessons are taught and it’s creating quite a buzz!  Instead of kids complaining about how boring the lesson is, our kids are coming in joyously to their lessons and leaving with smiles on their faces.  It’s so much fun, they can hardly believe they’re learning!

What Are Piano Lessons Like?

Our goal is to have piano lessons that are captivating, engaging and creative.

Our students:

  • Begin learning the foundations of music (steady beat, rhythm, note reading) from day 1 so they are prepared to learn any musical genre and any song they love.
  • Write their own songs each month as a part of our year-long composing project, finishing the school year with a full songbook of their own music to keep forever (professionally printed and everything!).
  • Are able to perform in recitals & events to show off their skills and increase their experience.
  • Are regularly celebrated for their progress and commitment to their instrument in the lesson and outside the lesson.
  • Reap the benefits that music lessons provide as proven by science (raises IQ, increases focus and attention, promotes a sense of balance and relaxation, increases self-esteem – to name a few!)
  • Are prepared in their lesson to be able to practice their instrument comfortably at home.

“It’s been a wonderful experience having our daughter learn piano at HMS. By the end of her first lesson, our daughter could play a basic piece and it’s been amazing to watch her begin to read music and play more complex pieces in the weeks since then.  Most importantly, though, our daughter truly enjoys her lessons and runs into the studio with enthusiasm each week. We would highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants their children to develop a love of music!”

Dan C.

HMS Parent

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