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Every week in our Guitar Lessons at Highland Music Studio, kids ages 6+ come to learn how to play the guitar in an encouraging, fun and supportive environment.  Our Guitar Lessons are a one-on-one lesson, where kids can learn the genre they love (pop, rock, classical, and more) on the guitar they love (electric or acoustic).  Families love to see their child running towards their lesson with enthusiasm.  It is so much fun, they can’t believe they’re learning!

What Are Guitar Lessons Like?

Our goal is to have guitar lessons that are captivating, engaging and creative.

Our students:

  • Begin learning the foundations of music (steady beat, rhythm, chords) from day 1 so they are prepared to learn any musical genre and any song they love.
  • Are able to perform in recitals & events to show off their skills and increase their experience.
  • Are regularly celebrated for their progress and commitment to their instrument in the lesson and outside the lesson.
  • Reap the benefits that music lessons provide as proven by science (raises IQ, increases focus and attention, promotes a sense of balance and relaxation, increases self-esteem – to name a few!)
  • Are prepared in their lesson to be able to practice their instrument comfortably at home.

“My 7-year-old daughter loves her guitar lessons so very much, she would sign up every day of the week if only we had time. Well done!”

Kristy G.

HMS Parent

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