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By: Ben Fraser

Have you ever considered expanding your horizons as a musician? A great way to achieve this is by learning a new instrument! Doing so can change your perspective and give you a greater understanding of music than you could have imagined. Many people are discouraged from picking up and pursuing a new instrument. They fear that it will take away time from their primary musical endeavors, confuse them with an overflow of concepts, or simply spread their abilities too thin.

Screen Shot 2022 08 04 At 11.02.18 AmI am here to tell you that this is not the case. In fact, the truth is quite the contrary. Learning a new instrument will not only enhance your current musical abilities, but it will increase your overall passion for music. You will start to understand more elements of music and this fresh perspective will provide astounding insights into your musicianship. It will also improve your communication and collaboration with other musicians.

One example is a brass player doubling on multiple brass instruments. Not only will this increase their versatility, but they will be more informed and educated during ensemble performances. They will understand the orchestration and communication of instruments on a deeper level.

Another example is a vocalist learning to play piano. This newly learned instrument will help them enhance their practice. They can implement more complex warm ups and exercises. Also, this gives them the opportunity to accompany themselves when they do not have an accompanist.

A final example is a guitar player learning to play bass. This is a great combination because the instruments share four strings. Although there is much crossover, the two instruments have very different roles and ways of being played. When played together they form an incredible bond and become something more than themselves. One instrument informs the other. That is why knowing how to play both can greatly improve the performance of each.

So, go for it! Pick up that instrument you’ve always dreamed of playing! There is nothing to lose.

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