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Highland Music Studio is proud to now offer violin lessons at our studio!

Why is violin a great choice for an instrument to learn?!

  1. You can play with others.  One of the many benefits of playing the violin is that it is an instrument that is often played in a group.  Kids mScreen Shot 2022 08 04 At 11.18.04 Amay play in the orchestra or a chamber group.
  2. It increases brain activity. To play the violin, you must use both mental and physical abilities.  Violinists often stand up when they play and their feet are in position.  Many violinists walk around or move while they play.  This paired with the mental capabilities create a powerful experience.
  3. It’s portable.  Violins are a great size and easy to carry.  It can fit in any home or apartment.  It can travel with you, making it easy to practice anywhere!
  4. Auditory learning is strong when learning the violin.  Unlike the piano, to play the violin and in tune, many ear training skills are required.  A violinist must carefully listen for the pitch when he/she plays.  We can teach a child from an early age to hear pitches and adjust accordingly.

Violin comes with many benefits and is one of the instruments kids can begin learning at an early age!

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