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By: Ben Fraser

The holidays are over, now what? Traditionally, people make a New Year’s resolution that starts on January 1st, so why not make a musical resolution? Now that it’s 2020, it’s time to form a clear vision of what we want to accomplish musically. It may be helpful to start with a list of goals and potential improvements on musical aspirations. This list could include a favorite piece of music, a new practice schedule, or even performance goals. Whatever it may be, personalize the list and make your goals attainable but challenging.

Up close picture of someone writing a check list of thingsThe new piece of music could be something you’ve always dreamed of playing but never had the courage to start learning. No matter how difficult it may seem, tell your instructor about it and let them help you find an arrangement that works for you. Even if it’s extremely challenging, 2020 is going to a be long year and you will have lots of time to practice it. Pick something that excites you, something that you are truly passionate about.

Setting a new practice schedule can range from simple to more complex. Whether you want to decide on which days and how long to practice, or strictly coordinate each practice session, any effort towards planning practice is a positive action. Practicing 15-30 minutes every day is more constructive than cramming in an hour before your lesson. Try to set aside a small amount of time each day for practice. It helps to plan it at a specific time. Some examples include before/after school, before/after dinner, or right when you wake up!

Performance goals are important too. They can push you to perform more often and in different places. For example, you could plan to sign up for all available recitals this year, perform at your school/talent show, play at a party, perform at a restaurant/coffee shop, or put together a concert for your friends and family. Whatever performance goals you may set, they will help motivate you to get out and present your skills.

So make 2020 amazing and set some musical resolutions!

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