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Highland Music Studio’s remarkable journey began with Kaitlyn Davidson, a dedicated public school music teacher who had an unwavering passion for music. She initially began offering piano lessons on the side while maintaining her full-time teaching job.

During evenings and weekends, Kaitlyn poured her heart into teaching piano, and her exceptional talent soon attracted a burgeoning list of eager students. As her teaching schedule swelled and the waitlist grew longer, Kaitlyn faced a pivotal decision: she chose to step away from her secure teaching position and fully commit to building Highland Music Studio.

Highland Music Studio started as a small venture solely focused on piano lessons. However, as it continued to grow and thrive, the studio expanded its offerings to include a diverse range of music lessons, spanning piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, violin, voice, and drums. In addition, the studio introduced Music Together classes and rock band programs, fostering a dynamic and inclusive musical community.

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Kaitlyn’s dream was to cultivate an environment where learning music was not a chore; it was a source of genuine joy. She aimed to break away from the mold of the typical music teacher next door, transforming Highland Music Studio into a place where lives were positively altered through the transformative power of music.

This journey embodies the studio’s unwavering commitment to inspire individuals of all ages, beginning with its modest beginnings as a side endeavor focused on piano lessons. Highland Music Studio stands as a testament to Kaitlyn’s dedication and the profound belief that music has the capacity to uplift, enrich, and transform lives, one musical note at a time.


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Experience the full spectrum of musical opportunities at Highland Music Studio!  We provide piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, violin, voice, and drum lessons for all ages, including specialized programs like Mini and Junior Rockers, Rock Band programs, the Accelerated Piano Program, and the Adult Piano Program. Plus, don’t miss our Music Together classes, perfect for little ones aged newborn to five and their caregivers.

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