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Learning music is like learning a whole new language.  Nowadays, we have fun apps that can help us along our journey to learning how to read music.

Ipad showing the time at 9:41 on tuesday Sept 12Here are our top 3 favorite apps to help you remember all those notes…

  1. Flashnote Derby:  We’re off to the races!  Flashnote Derby is a fun app that helps you learn how to read notes.  Pick which notes you want to learn & then you’re off to race.
  2. Treble Cat & Bass Cat: Treble Cat and Bass Cat are two separate apps for the right hand and left hand notes.  They are entertaining games that help kids and adults quickly identify notes on the staff.
  3. Piano Maestro: Piano Maestro is a fun and entertaining tool for families to use.  From playing a single note to full-on songs, Piano Maestro uses the microphone on your phone or iPad to listen to your piano playing and help you read music like a pro.

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