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By: Ben Fraser

Screen Shot 2022 08 04 At 11.03.25 AmWhen it comes to teaching online music lessons, there are lots of different platforms to choose from. And I have tried many of the various options. Whether its Facetime, Skype, WebEx, or Zoom, every program has its different features and user experience. Recently, I’ve started using a new virtual lesson program called RockOutLoud. The features included in this program are excellent and have been a great help in my lessons.

First of all, access to the program is extremely simple, as you do not need to download an application or client. You simply open up your web browser, and navigate to your lesson via a provided URL. Once both the student and teacher are in the lesson, the magic begins!

As an instructor, the first thing you will notice the variety of buttons and options. There is a search bar that can pull from an extensive library of sheet music, tablature, and exercises. You can also update the library with any documents you might need. These resources can be shared directly to the student in real time.

Also, instructors have the ability to share chords for piano, guitar and ukulele using a very simple point and click chord library. Drummers also have access to a library of rudiments that can be shared instantly.

Some other great features include screen sharing, chatting, and camera flip. I have found the camera flip to be extremely useful! When teaching violin virtually, some of my younger students can get confused without it because my violin appears to be on the wrong side.

Overall, this platform has proven to be a great resource for teaching virtually and in my opinion, is the best option available. It has been the closest thing to in-person lessons I’ve encountered and is great tool for any music teacher to utilize.

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