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“It’s been a wonderful experience having our daughter learn piano at HMS. By the end of her first lesson, our daughter could play a basic piece and it’s been amazing to watch her begin to read music and play more complex pieces in the weeks since then.  Most importantly, though, our daughter truly enjoys her lessons and runs into the studio with enthusiasm each week. We would highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants their children to develop a love of music!”
Dan C.

HMS Parent

“My 5 year old daughter has been taking piano for a few months now. It is amazing to me how quickly she is picking up piano. She enjoys her lessons and practicing at home. The songs and the workbooks are engaging and very appropriate for her age. HMS also has a great system to motivate young students.”


Holly G.

HMS Parent

“I took piano lessons for a short time when I was a child. About 15 years ago, I decided that one day I’d begin lessons again. I finally decided to go for it – at 45 years old! I was a bit nervous, thinking I might be too old. I searched for teachers and I’m blessed to have found Highland Music Studio. My instruction has been excellent.  HMS is always thinking of ways to make it easier for adults, recognizing our often hectic schedules. I highly recommend Highland Music Studio! Highly!”
Tomeka H.

HMS Adult Piano Student

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