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By: Ben FraserScreen Shot 2022 08 04 At 11.20.48 Am

Amid the holiday season, it is time to start tuning our instruments, warming up our vocals, and practicing our parts for something that we all love and cherish, holiday music! What a perfect way to set the mood for the holidays and bring happiness to all those that are near. No matter what holiday we are celebrating, music seems to be great way to bring the holidays to life and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

During this time of year, some bring gifts, some bring stories to tell, and some bring food. As musicians, we bring a sound to the holiday season. A joyful noise. It’s something that embellishes each holiday in a way that is truly unique. After all the decorations are hung, gifts wrapped, food prepared, and families and friends have gathered, there is one thing that brings everything together in the most magical way. The music. It is the final touch for the perfect holiday gathering.

It is something we can share with our parents, siblings, children, and friends. People of all ages are drawn to the music of the season and it’s something that so many enjoy. The very nature of the music brings people together and ignites a feeling of contentment and bliss in so many of us.

Holiday music is a great way to utilize our musical skills because so many people are familiar with it. It can also be a nice change of pace for seasoned musicians and students of music alike. Learning and performing holiday music is a fun and exciting way to improve our musicianship while spreading cheerfulness and joy. I implore all musicians to pick some holiday tunes and start learning, practicing, and memorizing them so we can share the gift of music with the people that are near and dear to us. It just might mean more to someone than we realize.

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