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By: Ben Fraser

The current stay-at-home orders seems to be bringing out the creative side in people across the globe and it has challenged people to take time to do things they typically would not have time for. I would like to challenge you to listen to a different piece of music each day with or without words for the next 14 consecutive days. It may be easier to find a piece of music based on your mood each day, or you can follow a Screen Shot 2022 08 04 At 11.05.07 Amday-to-day advised selection like the one I provided below. It can be difficult to choose a song without a narrow list to choose from, because there are so many choices and that can be overwhelming. The last part of the challenge is to keep a daily log of how you feel after listening to each song. Music has a way to make each of us feel a different kind of emotion and I believe music has the power to change our moods too. For example, let’s say you are having a bad day and nothing seems to be going right. You decide to listen to music at the end of the day and you choose from one of your favorite bands or artists. By the end of the first song, you are already feeling better, because it took your mind off of your frustrating day and took you to a happier place. There are many other examples of music altering moods, and I’m sure you can think of a time music changed your mood too. I think this challenge can be a fun experience and something to look back on when you think of the year 2020. This chart below can be used as a guideline for this 2-week long challenge!

Week 1
Monday -Modern song (last 5 years) with no words
Tuesday – Slow tempo classical song in major key (before 20th cent.)
Wednesday – Soft rock song of choice
Thursday – Upbeat tempo 80’s pop song
Friday – 1940’s – 1950’s love song
Saturday – Classical song in minor key (before 20th cent.)
Sunday – Song used in popular T.V. show from 1990’s

Week 2
Monday – British rock song from 1960’s
Tuesday – Modern song (last 5 years) with words
Wednesday – Fast tempo classic rock song from 1970’s
Thursday – American folk song of choice
Friday – Song that you often hear at a wedding or celebration
Saturday -Song from any opera in 18-19th cent.)
Sunday – Ask a friend to send you a song they listened to recently

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