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You’re 7 years old. You have run past the piano at your grandparent’s house a million times. This time was different. Your grandmother sat next to you on the bench and taught you to play “Ode to Joy” by ear. To this day, when you hear “Ode to Joy”, it stirs your heart and your mind takes you back to her house, that bench and the feel of the cool keys under your fingers.

Child with mohawk playing adult sized electric guitarYou’re 12. You’re running your hands across the album titles on the bookshelf in the den: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and James Taylor are a few names that catch your eye. Even in your pre-teen angst, you decide guitarists are cool and you fantasize about what instrument you would play if you were in a band.

You’re 18. Lady Gaga is all the rage. She sings, she plays piano and she’s a master at performance. Singer/songwriters like Alicia Keys, Ben Folds and others are writing and singing songs that parallel some of your life experiences. You belt out all their tunes at stoplights and in the shower. You smile as you sound pretty good…maybe. No time or resources to find out as the “real world” is calling. Someday, you think, someday.

You’re 25, 30, 35. You make your own money now. You may still remember how to play “Ode to Joy” on the piano; you just need to sit down at one again. You’ve also decided you want to be the guitarist AND the vocalist in the band.

At Highland Music, we honor the musical roots of your youth and welcome the opportunity to meet you where you are on your journey as an adult.

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