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We just wrapped up our Winter Recitals 2018, where we had many children who performed playing the piano, guitar or singing.  We are so proud of their performances!

At Highland Music Studio, we have 2-3 BIG recitals each year because we believe recitals benefit children in so many ways beyond just becoming a wonderful performer.

How do recitals benefit children?

Kids performing1. Kids overcome stage fright and gain confidence.  Performing music regularly makes being on stage more comfortable for children.  With each recital, kids gain more and more confidence.  This confidence can carry on with them for school presentations, job interviews, speeches, and more!

2. Kids learn how to prepare ahead.  We have our students begin preparing for the recital at LEAST 8 weeks in advance.  Why?  Kids often memorize their music and learn their music to their highest ability.  Learning their songs takes time.  This teaches kids how to work hard & prepare in advance — a lesson that is so valuable in life. 

3. Recitals are memories that last a lifetime & provide a big sense of accomplishment.  Kids and parents may not remember what every lesson was like growing up, but they will always remember their recitals — what they wore, what they played, where they went to eat afterward, who came to see them, etc.  The recital gives them a big feeling of accomplishment and will be something to remember forever.  All the hard work has paid off and so many friends and family are there to cheer them on.

We are so proud of all the kids that performed at our Winter Recitals this year.  We can’t wait for the Spring Recital!

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