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It’s time to get ready for back to school! Have you checked everything off your list to get your kids ready for school? I’m sure you’ve gotten academic classes picked out, clothes bought, and school supplies ready. But, have you signed your kids up for music lessons yet?

Music lessons aren’t only fun for your kids, but they are essential to the growth and development of your kids too!

Here are the top 5 reasons why your kids should start the new school year with music lessons!

Pic of guitar with text "why start music lessons this year?"Improves academic skills.
As much as people need to work out to build muscles to make their body stronger and healthier, the brain is also a muscle that needs to be trained and developed. Music lessons increase brain activity. Researchers have found a correlation that music lessons can increase a child’s IQ and memory, which can lead to higher results in test scores. A child’s ability to understand notes, patterns, and vibrations in music corresponds with the same skills they need to learn and understand math and physics. Did you know that Albert Einstein was not only a physicist but also a violinist as well?


Improves social skills.
Group music lessons allow kids to be in an environment that encourages teamwork, good communication, compassion, and patience. The kids can work towards a common goal to produce beautiful music. Through this community, they learn to increase their social skills and can develop strong leadership qualities too.

Improves discipline.
No one masters an instrument right away and it takes hard work and perseverance to improve in the instrument that they are playing. As with anything in life, learning an instrument goes through the journey of continuous practice to build discipline and patience. This will help a child in their academic studies to learn to problem solve and to continue to work hard. Today, it’s all about instant gratification. Learning an instrument has no room for that. Only hard work, patience, and discipline.

Improves self-confidence.

There is nothing more empowering and humbling than working hard and achieving a goal. Music lessons allow students to build themselves up to advance their musical skills and self-esteem. It allows them to be proud of something they have worked hard for and creates an environment where they can learn to give and take constructive criticism.

Improves mental health.
We all know school can be academically stressful, so being able to take music lessons can boosts mood and enjoyment. It can also relieve stress and aids in anxiety and depression. Being able to practice and express creatively is essential to mental health.

Are you ready to start the new school off right? If you have any questions in regard to music lessons, then feel free to contact Highland Music Studio anytime!

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