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Beginning in 2019, Highland Music Studio is proud to offer Ukulele Lessons.  We believe ukulele is one of the perfect instrument to start off a young child in music lessons.

What is so great about Ukulele Lessons for young children?!

1. Ukulele is a small and affordable instrument.  Scared buying an instrument will break the bank? Since the ukulele is such a small instrument, you can find them at very affordable prices.  We know many parents are afraid to invest in an expensive new instrument while they aren’t sure if their child even will enjoy playing music.  Ukulele is a great place to start because it can be so affordable.

Ukulele Lessons in Atlanta2. Ukulele is perfect for small hands.  Many kids are interested in learning the guitar, but aren’t quite old enough yet (we need them to be old enough to hold the guitar properly!).  If a child is under 6 years old, ukulele can be a great option for an instrument to learn prior to beginning guitar lessons.

3. Ukulele is simple and satisfying.  Learning the ukulele is less complex than learning guitar or piano.  It can be a great instrument for young learners because they can more quickly begin to play the songs they love.

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